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How to disable the beep on the Shelly BLU Button1

How to disable the beep on the Shelly BLU Button1

The Shelly BLU Button1 is a bluetooth-operated action and scenes activation button that can be used to execute up to 4 pre-set actions or scenes with simple click combinations.

By default the Shelly BLU Button1 will beep when it executes an action or scene. Depending on the use case, this may not be desirable.

Using the Shelly BLE Debug app you can mute the BLU Button1 so that is will not beep when pressed.

Step 1: Download and Install the Shelly BLE Debug App

You can download the Shelly BLE Debug app from Google Play or the App Store:

 Once you open the app you'll be presented with the following screen:

Shelly BLE Debug App

Step 2: Connect to your BLU Button1

Press the button on your BLU Button1 for your device to show in your app:

Shelly BLE Debug App - Listing Devices


Once the device is displaying in the list, tap on the device to be presented with more options:

Shelly Debug App - Device Options


Tap "Connect" to connect to your device. The app will require you to put your BLU Button1 into pairing mode by holding the button on your BLU Button1 for 10 seconds.

Once you have done this, wait a few seconds for the device to finish connecting with your phone.

If there is a new firmware update available for your Button1, the app will automatically start to apply the latest update which will only take a few moments to complete. Keep your phone within range of your device during the process.

Shelly BLE Debug App - Firmware Update for Button1

Once the firmware update completes you will be able to tap the Mute button to disable the beep when the button is pressed.

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