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Shelly BLU Button1

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Color: Black

Bluetooth-operated action and scenes activation button

Remotely control and activate/deactivate different scenes and other Shelly devices without your mobile phone. Execute up to 4 pre-set actions or scenes with simple click combinations.

  • Scripting functionality for endless actions based on location
  • Full compatibility with Home Assistant and any other device which is supported by BTHome protocol
  • Uses BLE technology
  • Able to turn on/off appliances, dim, and activate scenes
  • Encryption
  • Has sound and light alert; "Hush" mode for no sounds
  • "Find me" function activated by beacon mode
  • Range of 10m indoors and 30m outdoors
  • Works with Plus and Pro devices



Use Shelly BLU Button1 to activate Shelly Plus and Pro devices

Multi-click action trigger 

Execute up to 4 pre-set actions or scenes with simple click combinations

Immediate response time

Response time fewer than 1 second

Low battery consumption

Up to 2 years, perfect for those who are always on-the-go 

Visual & Sound hints

 Sound and color indications inform you of its status and help you find it

Broad range 

Shelly BLU Button1 has a range of 10m indoors and 30m outdoors


One click to a smarter home

With ShellyBLU Button1, you can quickly control your smart devices with just a click. Simply set it up and place it wherever you need it most. Whether you want to turn off the lights, adjust your blinds, or lock your front door, BLU Button1 puts the power of your smart home at your fingertips.

Wildly configurable! 

Simple click combinations give you endless opportunities.

  • Single Click
  • Double Click
  • Triple Click
  • Long Click

With the scripting functionalities on your Shelly devices,  you can easily create complex local actions triggered by the Shelly BLU Button1 when it's within range. Now, based on RSSI, you can fully customize and automate your smart home.  Every Shelly Plus and Pro in your home with an enabled Bluetooth gateway act as a repeater of the signal. Furthermore, you can use the same button to trigger different actions in multiple locations, like your home, office, and villa, without having to memorize different push combinations. Scripting functionalities can create endless possibilities. 


High protection

With support for the Advanced Encryption Standard, we have ensured that all communications are encrypted and secure. This encryption ensures that even if someone attempts to intercept your device's communication, they will not be able to access your data or compromise your security. Moreover, with our device's built-in protection against replay attacks, you can be assured that any attempts to manipulate the signal will be prevented.