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Shelly RGBW2

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Make your LED strips smart in one easy step. Shelly RGBW2 can connect like any LED controller and allows you to control all your lighting directly from a mobile device or tablet.

Shelly RGBW supports and 12v or 24v White, RGB, RGBW LED strips and 12/24v LED bulbs, with up to 288W combined power.

No HUB required – Connect Shelly RGBW directly to your Wi-Fi at home.
Control Remotely with Free Shelly Cloud
Control your Shelly remotely using a smartphone and the free Shelly Cloud.
App & Smart Hub Integration
Turns lights on and off from the Shelly app, or control your appliance with your voice with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration.
Wide Range of Voltage Support
With Shelly RGBW2 you can use White, RGB, RGBW LED strips and 12/24v LED bulbs, with up to 288W combined power.
Colour Effects
Three unique colorful effects that will set the right mood for your party or help you relax at home.
Schedule your lights to turn on and off automatically.
Integrate Shelly with your existing home automation system.


Smart Home Compatible
Integrate Shelly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Home Assistant.

You can also download the Shelly app from Google Play and the App Store.



Power supply AC No
Power supply DC 12 – 24V
DC Power Output 12V per channel 45W
DC Power Output 24V per channel 90W
DC Power Output 12V combined power 144W
DC Power Output 24V combined power 288W
Device temperature protection No
Overload protection No
Power measurement Yes
Dimming Yes
Working without a neutral line No
Colour changing Yes
Predefined effects Yes
Channels 4 Channel
Maximum load 12A
Operational temperature -10ºC to +50ºC
Device power consumption < 1 W
Intelligent On/Off Yes
Local and remote control Yes
Sunrise/Sunset Yes
Weekly Schedule Yes
UL Listed option No
Wireless/WiFi Protocol 802.11 b/g/n
Radiofrequency 2400 – 2500 MHz
Radio signal power 1mW
Range up to 50 m outdoors and up to 30 m indoors (depending on the building materials)
Size 43mm x 38mm x 14mm