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Shelly Bypass

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The Shelly Bypass can be used with a Shelly 1L and Shelly Dimmer 2 to allow low voltage applications to function with no-neutral wiring.

A Shelly ByPass will allow a Shelly 1L/Shelly Dimmer 2 to operate where the load is less than 20 Watts.

Do I need a Shelly ByPass?

You will need a Shelly ByPass if you are using a Shelly 1L or Shelly Dimmer 2 in a no-neutral wiring configuration to control appliances with a total load of less than 20 Watts.


Power Supply AC 230V ±10%, 50Hz
Power supply DC No
Compatible With Shelly 1L, Shelly DImmer 2
Size 39 mm x 23 mm x 7 mm