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How to Configure a Zigbee Door and Window Sensor in Home Assistant with ZHA

How to Configure a Zigbee Door and Window Sensor in Home Assistant with ZHA

In this post we will explain how to configure a Zigbee Door and Window Sensor to work with Home Assistant and Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA).


Before continuing, we assume that you are already running ZHA on Home Assistant. If you're not, then check out our guide on:

The Pairing Process

If this specific example we are demonstrating the pairing process using the Zigbee Door Sensor Contact Sensor - HA/Alexa/Google Compatible sensor.

Firstly, open up your Home Assistant dashboard and navigate to the Settings section:

Settings in Home Assistant

Select the Devices & services option from the settings menu.

Use the + Add Integration button in the bottom right hand corner to add a new integration:

Add Integration option in Devices & services in Home Assistant

This will open a pop up that will allow you to search for a brand of integration. At the top of the list you should see an option for Add Zigbee device:

Add Zigbee device in Home Assistant

Once you click on this, you will be taken through to the add device screen in ZHA:

ZHA Zigbee Home Automation add device screen in Home Assistant

Insert the batteries into your sensor, and use the provided reset pin to press and hold the reset pin until the indicator light starts to flash.

Zigbee door contact sensor reset button

The device will then start the pairing, process and the screen on Home Assistant should change as follows:

ZHA configuring device in Home Assistant

Once this step has completed you will see a success result as follows with the option to rename the device and add it to an area:

ZHA Device Initialisation Complete

The device is now registered in Home Assistant and you can start to use this device in your dashboards and automations!


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