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Shelly 1 vs Shelly 1L - How To Choose The Right Model

Shelly 1 vs Shelly 1L - How To Choose The Right Model

Struggling to decide if you need a Shelly 1 or Shelly 1L? Let us help you understand the difference!

Shelly 1

The Shelly 1 is best described as a single-channel WiFi-operated relay switch. 

A Shelly 1 can be used to switch on or off an appliance with a maximum load of 16A. The Shelly 1 can be used to control a light, however if you need to control a light where you have no-neutral wiring then you will need a Shelly 1L instead. 

The Shelly 1 uses a Dry Contact relay, and can operate in a number of different power modes:

  • AC 110-230V ±10%, 50/60Hz
  • DC 12V
  • DC 24–60V

Shelly 1L

The Shelly 1L is also a single-channel WiFi-operated relay which is more specifically intended to be used to control lights.

A Shelly 1L can work with or without no-neutral wiring, making it ideal for placing behind a light switch to make it smart. The 1L has a lower maximum load of 4.1A and can only be used with AC 110-230V ±10%, 50/60Hz


In summary, the key differences are:


Shelly 1

Shelly 1L

Power Supply AC 110-230V ±10%, 50/60Hz
DC 12V
DC 24-60V
AC 110-230V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Maximum Load 16A 4.1A
No Neutral Wiring No Yes
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