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Home Assistant

Home Assistant

Getting started with Home Assistant, and more!

We will add to this page over time, please get in touch if you have specific queries.


If you've just received a HAS T4 this Guide will help you get up and running:

  1. Connect it to a monitor, keyboard and mouse (Ethernet is optional but recommended)

  2. Power up the HAS-T4

  3. On boot you will be given the IP address if connected to Ethernet

  4. If needed, connect to WiFi by:
    1. Run network interfaces to find your wireless interface (eg wlp2s0)
    2. Run network scan [interface] to check your network is visible
    3. Run network update [interface] --wifi-auth wpa-psk --wifi-mode infrastructure --wifi-ssid XXX --wifi-psk ZZZ (the exact settings will vary based on your wireless network)

  5. Using the IP provided, connect to the web interface from a computer or tablet (ie
    Home assistant boot screen

  6. From there follow the Onboarding Guide